Pet Toy Manufacturers

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Pet Toys aren’t just for fun. They also act as a mental stimulus, promote physical exercise, eliminate boredom and eventual depression, and firm the bond between you and your pet. But with countless pet toy manufacturers, choosing the right one that aligns with you and your pet’s unique needs is challenging.


We deeply researched about 50 pet toy manufacturers keeping different aspects in view and have shortlisted the top 5 pet toy manufacturers, each with unique specialties and products to keep your pet happy and engaged. Our study is both for pet owners and new pet toy manufacturers looking for inspiration.


Kong – A Synonym to Lasting Pet Toys


Home Page image of the Pet Toy Manufacturer The Kong company
Image Credit: Kong Company

Kong – Dog toys and cat toys manufacturer- isn’t just about resilience, it’s a legacy! Joe Markham Founded the company in 1976 after observing his dog’s (a German shepherd named Fritz) damaging chewing habits. Kong’s mission is very loud and clear: i.e. to improve the lives of pets with innovative toys that meet their chewing and playing instincts. The company’s headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, where its iconic red rubber toys are designed and carefully tested. Kong Company offers a science-backed methodology for pets’ playtime, focusing on promoting healthy teeth and gums through their dental chew toys.


                                                          Specialty: Durable chew toys for dogs and cats.


Outward Hound – Focused on Iteractive Pet Toys


Home Page image of the Pet Toy Manufacturer Outward hound
Image Credit: Outward Hound

Outward Hound relies on the power of interactive play that goes beyond just tossing a ball. Kyle Hansen, the founder of the company, believes in meaningful innovations for pets. He founded Outward Hound in 2014. The company’s headquarters are in the Greater Denver Area, Colorado. The mission statement of Outward Hound reflects their commitment to creating innovative and engaging toys that spark a dog’s natural curiosity and problem-solving skills. From the ever-popular “Hide a Squirrel” puzzle to treat-dispensing toys, Outward Hound keeps playtime exciting and mentally stimulating for all breeds.


                                                          Specialty: Interactive pet toys that trigger curiosity and problem-solving skills.


Frisco – Afforadable Pet Toys


Home Page image of the pet toy manufacturer Frisco by Petsmart
Image Credit: Frisco by PetSmart

Owned by PetSmart, Frisco is quite a younger brand compared to others, but they’ve quickly become a preferred choice for budget-conscious pet parents. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Frisco offers a vast selection of high-quality pet toys at affordable prices. They cater to all pet types, from playful felines who love feathery wand toys to senior dogs who need softer cuddle buddies. Frisco’s commitment to affordability ensures everyone can provide their pets with stirring playtime.


Specialty: Inexpensive, high-quality toys for all pet types.


Nylabone – Focused on Pets’ Dental Care 


Homepage image of Nylabone
Image Credit: Nylabone

Keeping your pet’s smile healthy is just as significant as keeping them entertained. This is Nylabone’s concern since it was founded in 1955. The company’s headquarters are in Neptune, New Jersey. Nylabone takes dental care seriously. Their mission is to combine long-lasting and veterinarian-recommended chews and treats with innovative dental benefits. Their unique textured designs not only satisfy chewing needs but also help clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup. Nylabone offers various chew strengths and sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every breed and chewing style.


                                                          Specialty: Long-lasting chews with built-in dental benefits


Hartz – A Variety Giant 


Home Page image of Hartz
Image Credit: Hartz

Hartz is a veteran in the pet care industry, established in 1926 with headquarters in Harrison, New Jersey. Their mission is to provide pet parents with everything they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. For pet toys, Hartz offers a one-stop shop! From squeaky toys perfect for fetch to interactive feeders that challenge a cat’s problem-solving skills, they cater to every personality and playtime preference.


Specialty: One-stop shop for all types of pet toys.


Let’s Wrap it Up!


Our list highlights just a few of the many fantastic pet toy manufacturers. For pet toys, every manufacturer prioritizes safety, durability, and engagement. They use high-quality materials, create innovative designs, and try catering to different play styles and pet types. Pet parents, it is now your turn to appreciate what the pet toy manufacturers offer.