PETBIZS is all about the pet industry. We’re a Pakistan-based online advertisement platform. We aim to host all pet businesses in one place to let pet owners connect with the perfect services. Find everything pet-related in one place!


Board Meeting of Petbizs about conceptualizing the idea

The Pet Industry is rapidly booming… but the data is scattered on the web. Whether you are an individual or an organization, you must search extensively to get the required information about pets, pet food, pet supplies, etc.


With that in mind, we felt the need to create a dedicated platform that promotes the companies associated with pet care and highlights the individual service providers alike. Thus, PETBIZS originated.


We are from you, for you, and of course with you to help you achieve your goals to reach a wider audience. Let’s build a review-based pet directory… where everyone finds all things pet-related.


Our Goals 


Petbizs Goals

Simplify pet care: Our prime goal is to help pet owners find all the resources they need to care for their pets in one place. This could include educational content, vet recommendations, and pet product reviews, among others.


Attract a large user base: By offering a valuable service to both pet owners and businesses, we aim to attract a large user base.


Offer a wider variety of services: To be a one-stop shop for pet owners by featuring a comprehensive range of pet-related businesses.


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